Founded in 1976
45 +
45+ Years’
70 countries

 Formerly known as Hangzhou Reducer Factory, Fixedstar Group was founded in 1976.
  Presently, our commitment extends beyond manufacturing as we engage in diligent research and trading endeavors. Our primary focus centers on power transmission products, constituting the core of our business operations.
  Having invested a total of 2 billion Yuan in land spanning an impressive 200,000 square meters, our workforce of 1000 dedicated employees now produce over 3,500 distinct types of gearboxes each day, serving the global market. With unwavering commitment to research and development over a span of 45 years, Fixedstar takes great pride in holding the esteemed distinction of being the largest manufacturer of small and medium-sized speed reducers in Asia.
  Our main products range from Worm Gear Reducers, Helical Gear Reducers, Helical Bevel Reducers, Shaft Mounted Reducers to Slewing drives and more.

  1976  Born as Hangzhou Reducer Factory in Hangzhou, China;
  1984  Expanded to new location and started exporting to South East Asian market;
  1997  Became a private enterprise with 100% ownership of Gao Family;
  2001  Moved to current location in Hongda Road,  and changed name to Hangzhou Sino-Deutsch Power Transmission Equiment Co,LTD.;
  2002  Establishment of Fixedstar Group;
  2007  “Fixedstar” Trademark was honored “China Top Brand”;
  2013  Establishment of “Zhejiang Fixedstar Drive Tech Co.,Ltd”, Fixedstar invested 1 billion RMB in Changxing for land and manufacturing facilities.
Enterprise Spirit
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Fixedstar has made a substantial contribution to the local economy by spearheading the establishment of over 100 gearbox and reducer manufacturers in the Hangzhou area. As a result of our leadership, the city of Hangzhou, where our journey began, has now become a prominent hub for Worm Gear Reducers.